About the company

   Verto LLC operates in the aviation services market. During the period of its activity, the company has recommended itself as an operational and responsible supplier of aviation and technical equipment for organizations operating in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and abroad. The organization has always been distinguished by stability in work, persistence in the choice of partners, ties and high responsibility for the quality of work and in-time-delivery of aviation and technical equipment.


   The main activity of Verto LLC is the provision of aviation and technical equipment supplies and the organization and maintenance of aviation and technical equipment repair for civil aviation enterprises. The company specializes in the collection of orders, the placement, transportation and sale of aviation and technical equipment, as well as the organization of repairing aircraft components.




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Boulevard Brestskiy, 8A,

premises 8-N, office 417.

198328 Saint Petersburg

Phone: +7 (812) 671-01-23
Fax: +7 (812) 677-95-3

Representation in the city of Kazan
Phone: +7 (917) 868-88-13

email: mail@spbverto.ru


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