Verto LLC offers the following services:

  • Delivery of aviation and technical equipment;

  • Organization of repair of aircraft components;

  • Material and technical support for the repair of components of aircraft, helicopters and their engines;

  • Organization transportation and customs support;


    The quality assurance of Verto LLC:

  • Warranty obligations of the manufacturers of components for aviation and technical equipment for their products;

  • Own warranties of Verto LLC for products, which repair was organized by Verto LLC;

  • Strict control of components when they are delivered to and from manufacturers and airlines;

  • Storage and transportation according the requirements of technical documentations;


    The experts Verto LLC have fifteen years of experience in the supply of aviation and technical equipment.


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Boulevard Brestskiy, 8A,

premises 8-N, office 417.

198328 Saint Petersburg

Phone: +7 (812) 671-01-23
Fax: +7 (812) 677-95-3

Representation in the city of Kazan
Phone: +7 (917) 868-88-13



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